Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Malaysian food guide

I feel like a tourist after coming back to Malaysia recently, taking photo of whatever I ate and saw. Sometimes the food taste seems familiar to me meanwhile it's also new to me since couldn't have them in Japan. I found that I miss Nasi lemak, Malaysian coffee paired with Kaya butter toast and ice kacang the most. I wasn't particularly love Nasi lemak, I just miss it that's why I always ordered nasi lemak on the plane everytime I go back to Malaysia. And of course, I miss my mums cooking too.

Kaya butter toast with "Cham" peng ( Sweetened mixed coffee and tea with ice)
Kaya is made by coconut with sugar and pandan leaf.

Half-boiled egg served on saucer. 

Garlic toast and kopi "O" (hot black coffee)

Curry laksa noodle 

I forgot what does it call, it's a kind of noodle served in a small wok.

Pan Mee

Nasi lemak (The national food)
Nasi lemak is very common food in Malaysia. Usually served on banana leave. The basic combination of Nasi lemak includes sambal (mainly made of chili paste, onion and spices) and egg (boiled/fried), fried anchovies and peanuts, cucumber slices and white rice. The price of nasi lemak depends on where you eat and what is inside, it could be range from RM 2 to RM 20.

Pork noodle/bee hoon (豬肉粉)

Pork belly noodle (豬腩粉)and 3C milk tea (three colours milk tea)
The noodle used in pork belly noodle is white colour and slightly thicker than the yellow noodle, which is widely used in malaysia.
Pork belly noodle (after mixing)

Soup of mixed pork meat and innards

Hakka mee 客家面 
( I tried to made this after returning to Japan, will share the recipe next time!)

Char kuey teow 
( Stir-fried flat rice noodle, one of the must-eat food in Malaysia)

Ais kacang (ABC) 八宝雪

Cendol with red bean

Cendol with corn

Rojak Mee

Dried and Wet Bak kut teh (肉骨茶)

 Satay with the yummy satay dipping sauce!

I should put a "to be continued"here coz there are so many other tasty food I recommend to you. For those who are going to visit, hope you'll enjoy the food in Malaysia.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hakama (2)

Some old photos that I found from my computer, I just miss these girls ! They were my labmates back to few years ago. I still remembered these girls told that they woke up in the early at 5 am, went the the shop they rented the Hakama to do the preparation and set their hair. 
They looked terrific in their Hakama. As I mentioned before, more or less you can judge one's personality by their choice of Hakama.
The hair accessories are really beautiful.
Hakama is not a must in for every woman at graduation in Japan, some Japanese choose the costume they like to wear during the graduation such as suits or a Gothic Lolita dress. Isn't cool compare to the black gown in many countries.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Exploring food in Mid Valley

I'm  gonna say sorry again for leaving this blog untouched. I've been busy hunting for job for the past 6 months. Currently back in Malaysia for holidays. I haven't been walking around Kuala Lumpur City for the last 4-5 years. And last week, went to meet some friends in KL. My all time favorite shopping mall, Mid Valley is a must-go every time I came back to Malaysia. 

Found some new shops and restaurant this time (to me) so thinking to try out some new one, we came to Plan B for lunch. They served western food. Though it's already late noon at 3 pm, we still can order breakfast and brunch menu.

Big breakfast 

Ultimate French Toast
The french toast served with caramel macadamia nuts, few slices of banana and butter like cream. The sweetness is just nice for me, I'll recommend this for those who like French toast.

Many friends also recommend me the Nasi lemak at Madam Kwan's. Having known this restaurant for a long time but never stepped in before. These are what I ordered.

Nasi lemak with chicken (RECOMMEND !)

Burping after having this combination of choice. Malaysian food is still the best!^^

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring greeting from Kyoto, Hiroshima and Kurashiki

I think I have the most active spring in Japan this year (not so active in blogging though). My friends came to Japan recently and we went to visit many places in Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima. Just found that I'm actually keeping so many photos but not posting them. So now thinking to categorize them, pick some of it and post it here and see whether it could give you some clues of what to eat and where to go when u visit Japan.

These are some of the spring flower photos that I took at different places. Love spring the most among 4 seasons.  Many signs of spring already on their ways. 

At Kyoto (京都)
At Hiroshima (広島)

At Kurashiki (倉敷)
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