Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Malaysian food guide

I feel like a tourist after coming back to Malaysia recently, taking photo of whatever I ate and saw. Sometimes the food taste seems familiar to me meanwhile it's also new to me since couldn't have them in Japan. I found that I miss Nasi lemak, Malaysian coffee paired with Kaya butter toast and ice kacang the most. I wasn't particularly love Nasi lemak, I just miss it that's why I always ordered nasi lemak on the plane everytime I go back to Malaysia. And of course, I miss my mums cooking too.

Kaya butter toast with "Cham" peng ( Sweetened mixed coffee and tea with ice)
Kaya is made by coconut with sugar and pandan leaf.

Half-boiled egg served on saucer. 

Garlic toast and kopi "O" (hot black coffee)

Curry laksa noodle 

I forgot what does it call, it's a kind of noodle served in a small wok.

Pan Mee

Nasi lemak (The national food)
Nasi lemak is very common food in Malaysia. Usually served on banana leave. The basic combination of Nasi lemak includes sambal (mainly made of chili paste, onion and spices) and egg (boiled/fried), fried anchovies and peanuts, cucumber slices and white rice. The price of nasi lemak depends on where you eat and what is inside, it could be range from RM 2 to RM 20.

Pork noodle/bee hoon (豬肉粉)

Pork belly noodle (豬腩粉)and 3C milk tea (three colours milk tea)
The noodle used in pork belly noodle is white colour and slightly thicker than the yellow noodle, which is widely used in malaysia.
Pork belly noodle (after mixing)

Soup of mixed pork meat and innards

Hakka mee 客家面 
( I tried to made this after returning to Japan, will share the recipe next time!)

Char kuey teow 
( Stir-fried flat rice noodle, one of the must-eat food in Malaysia)

Ais kacang (ABC) 八宝雪

Cendol with red bean

Cendol with corn

Rojak Mee

Dried and Wet Bak kut teh (肉骨茶)

 Satay with the yummy satay dipping sauce!

I should put a "to be continued"here coz there are so many other tasty food I recommend to you. For those who are going to visit, hope you'll enjoy the food in Malaysia.

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